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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
There's a decent sale on Synapse titles going on at DVDEmpire right now.

I've got Embodiment Of Evil in my shopping cart, but I need one more title for free shipping over $25. I'm hoping to avoid any titles Synapse may be double dipping on blu-ray in the future.

So far the contenders are:
Nail Gun Massacre
Blue Sunshine
Thriller: They Call Her One Eye

Also, can anyone enlighten me on the differences between the two editions of Thriller. It looks like the limited edition runs 3 minutes longer. Is the limited edition worth the extra $5? Or is this movie a possible blu-ray contender?
Thriller for $17.97 is a pretty good price, since it usually goes for around $25. I would recommend Nail Gun Massacre, but you do know what you're getting into, right?
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