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About 3 weeks ago I preordered Creepy Archive #9 to get a decent price on it, but also because it wasn't scheduled to be released until early April and I knew that I would have the money for it by then. I figured if anything the release date would be postponed, but to my annoyance within a few days it was pushed up by a month instead. To make my money matters a little worse, last week I got another email from amazon that said the release was pushed ahead even further. It's now in the mail to my house even as I type! Admittedly this is a minor complaint and if it was at any other time of the year I'd be more than thrilled about it, but I just got finished paying out more than 2 grand on my car. I didn't really want another credit card bill for a few months, even one as low as $27. Which I guess brings up the one bright side to all of this: at least the purchase price had dropped by $3 since I made the preorder.
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