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Update** Kristy got back to me with a very informative reply


wow, thank you so so so much!

Here is the deal. It is going to be a legit release, but we've been having trouble tracking down the copyright holder (this is a 2 year struggle mind you). I have mike felsher helping me and it is still hard as hell to track down the holder! I am hoping that by giving this a bigger and bigger profile i will be contacted soon about it. No matter what we have money set aside to purchase the rights, it's just become hell finding them! Elite entertainment went under, i talked to don may (pres. Of synapse) and he said he doesn't even know if they released it legitimately back then haha. With all of the fan support we have, we truly hope that the copyright holder will understand how lucrative this could be for them. I have to admit, no matter how cheesy it sounds, i have no designs on making any money on this. The money we're raising is completely to finish this project and get it created. I plan on doing it independently, but when it's finished if another company is interested (and a couple are already) i would consider letting someone else distribute it. It's all about making the best release for the fans, that is honestly the number one priority.

The interesting thing is i tracked down the rights holder in the uk and they're practically giving away the rights because it's on the level of a public domain film over there which is sad. It's a matter of finding the us rights holder that is an insurmountable task.

As far as the transfer, i am working with a couple of different folks to track down an original print, so our hope is to have a completely re-mastered version.

The reason i am calling it the fan edition is because when someone asked me "is it the anniversary edition, is it the special edition?" i realized that it is the fan edition because this is completely for the fans of the film who feel jipped by the elite entertainment release. It's a re-release made by the fans for the fans, and the money being raised to release it is from the fans. We're about to launch a kickstarter campaign to raise the money to finish funding the retrospective documentary and production of the dvd itself (authoring, artwork, special features).

At this point we have participation from almost the entire principle cast; kelly jo minter, malcolm danare, dee wallace, jill schoelen, elliott hurst, mat falls, derek rydall and even bruce glover- the amazing electrified man! They're all so happy to be participating in the doc and some of them will be getting together to record a commentary!

It's been a long process, but it's coming together amazingly, especially because of the fan support, and that's who this is for.

If anyone else has any questions they can absolutely feel free to email me (, and spread the word, this release wants to be made, is begging to be made, but of course we won't do it unless we have proper rights. We're trying to find the rights holder and we'll really do anything to make it happen, so if anyone has any leads please email me! We've been through mgm, universal, warner brothers and a lot of little offshoot companies and it's nowhere to be found. There are no royalties still going to these actors so we can't track it that way either! You have my permission to post this long reply in it's entirety because we need all the support we can get
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