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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
Iíll certainly keep track of the progress though. Iíve tried tracking down the OOP to no avail. So this will definitely be on my radar and day one purchase.
If you can play region 2 DVDs you can find copies at (and even for pretty cheap - at least a lot cheaper than the OOP Elite disc. As Kristy said in that e-mail, the UK release was pretty much public domain. I read at imdb that the DVD was even given away free with some film magazine at one point. I haven't seen the UK version but I doubt the image is any better than the Elite disc, which wasn't great.

I bought a used Elite disc about 6 or 7 years ago for a much more reasonable price than it's going for now. (Under $20.) I like the movie okay but it's not worth those secondhand prices. I'd gladly upgrade, though, if this fan edition ever sees the light of day.
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