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Originally Posted by eric_angelus View Post
I wonder if they will feature uncut prints (as opposed to TV versions) like the old Elvira discs did? It would be nice to have a more complete print of Lady Frankenstein. Also I noticed on my local station's airing of Santa Claus conquers the martians they actually censored some of Elvira's and Breather's lines.
Hopefully. If not Shout! Factory is releasing Lady Frankenstein this fall, hopefully that will be fully uncut.

How is the print of Santa Claus that Elvira used? Svengoolie showed that for Christmas last year too and it was a print I'd never seen before. Much darker but with different print damage (yes I've seen it that many time) but more colorful and I was curious about the source.

Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
It appears as though my local affiliate dropped Movie Macabre. It use to be on Saturday nights at 12AM, but they've been playing Svengoolie in that time slot since Christmas.

Kinda sucks...
That does suck, but I'd almost rather have Sven if only because you can't find his stuff as easily.
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