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Werner Von Wallenrod
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OK. I've checked it out, and the DVD is definitely not skipping. The only scene of the first morning meeting has the young doctor asking Helmer about the sleep lab, and then Stig walks in and the meeting is already over.
I used to have the NTSC DVD (I upgraded), and I could SWEAR there was a scene earlier on, at that same meeting, where everyone decided not to wait for Stig to begin the meeting because he was late, and Helmer requested the CT Scan he knew Stig wouldn't've allowed... Are you sure that's in your PAL version, Jolt? Could there be two versions of this DVD or something? Can anyone verify that this scene exists in the NTSC version (and not some crazy hallucination on my part)?
...There are a few other scenes in this DVD which seemed trimmed for pacing, too.
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