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Yeah,there is definitely some alternate footage between the Intruder/Night Crew trailers present on other editions.One that comes to mind is Elizabeth Cox's character screaming when she realizes her ex-boyfriend is staring at her through the window while she changes. In the finished film, it appears she isn't even aware he's peeping her,and is seen calmly leaving the restroom. Also, Renee Estevez screams in the trailer when the killer grabs her by the throat, in the release version, she barely gasps before the knife falls, (and its noticeably a different take,not just a scream inserted over the same footage, like the Wizard Video re-edited trailer).

As I told Synapse,I would have thought with this being a lower budget project,every piece of film would have been on the screen,minus whatever effects turned out poorly,or the Motion Picture Idiots Of America made them snip out...but clearly there was a lot filmed,and for some reason unused, (perhaps Spiegel's commentary will shed some light on this).

Very excited to see this stuff,even if a lot of it ends up in a deleted scenes section, ( though hopefully not gore,as all of that belongs in the movie).
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