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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
Given that the Evil Dead revolves around The Necronomicon I see no reason to do a straight remake. Put the book in a different scenario (a library or museum perhaps?) and feature different characters and the end result is going to be more or less the same: The deadites come back, possess each character one by one and then proceed to fuck with the last remaining survivor. It would serve to be both a sequel AND a reboot. Is there any real reason to name that person "Ash"? Not really, because we all know that Bruce Campbell is Ash. Accept no substitutes.
I like the museum/library idea.
Maybe the damn book has become indestructable, and Ash (as in Bruce) want´s to keep an eye on it working as a guard (Dick Miller cameo style). Of course some kids break in during Ash´s coffie break, and accidentally unleases hell. And in the last 15-20 minutes Ash would pop up a bit drunk and pissed off, and kick some demon ass, old school style, and saves the day, again. ...or something like that
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