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I'd be all over an Evil Dead 4 with Bruce, but a remake? Jesus Christ, enough already! Hasn't it been done already? Evil Dead II is basically a remake of the first one anyway. No Bruce, no sale. Pass. I have no idea where their going with this. I'm hoping that Raimi isn't stupid enough to think that anyone would accept someone other than Bruce portraying Ash and if you're going in a new direction with a new main character, then don't call it Evil Dead, cause at that point, it isn't. The Evil Dead films are about Ash and Bruce Campbell as Ash. Anything but is NOT an Evil Dead film. What is so hard about making a fourth one? Anyone who would pay to see a remake would just as easily pay to see a fouth film in the series. They're both the same audience. Guess we just have to wait and see how Raimi intends to pull this one off.
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