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What I liked:
- The initial ghost scare in he baby's room with the pink light. I thought that was genius and it really gave me a shock.
- The overall effort to do something akin to the Exorcist. It was no where near as disturbing but it had some great moments and I could tell there was influence there.
- The miserable ending. Yeah that's right, that just happened! Deal.

What I disliked:
- Calling limbo "The Further". It's lame contrivances like this that check me out of a movie like this. Why do we have to give it a new name? It's annoying. How about this: I have a device with which I can create fire. I flick a tiny metal wheel and press a plastic button that sparks a flint as fuel is released. I call it....."The Igniter". OooooOoooooOooooo!!!
- The two ghosts. Why couldn't it just be one? Or why couldn't Darth Maul and Darth Insidious be related in some way? It seems too random to just have two separate (demons?) after two different members of the same family.
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