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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
So because someone watches horror films more than the average person, no matter what, it should have no effect on them? Isn't the point of a ghost/haunted house movie to have ghosts enter the real world? Poltergeist has dimension warping, The Exorcist has 'body swapping'. I don't see how you found it to be so 'silly' because other well-respected horror films have these same ingredients. Insidious had some genuinely creepy moments and some scenes totally scared the shit out of me (the porch scene??!) I actually had trouble sleeping too after this one. I haven't had a film unsettle me like this since I was a kid. One of the best horror films to come out in recent years, definitely.

Also, anyone else think the score was fucking awesome? The strings really add a lot to the tone of the film.

Well put, I agree with all of this. The use of the strings was a big part of the consistently unnerving tone of the film.
I thought Insidious was great, I have watched it four times and it still stands up.
The theatrical experience for this one was best though.
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