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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
So because someone watches horror films more than the average person, no matter what, it should have no effect on them? Isn't the point of a ghost/haunted house movie to have ghosts enter the real world? Poltergeist has dimension warping, The Exorcist has 'body swapping'. I don't see how you found it to be so 'silly' because other well-respected horror films have these same ingredients. Insidious had some genuinely creepy moments and some scenes totally scared the shit out of me (the porch scene??!) I actually had trouble sleeping too after this one. I haven't had a film unsettle me like this since I was a kid. One of the best horror films to come out in recent years, definitely.
Well, when you put it like that--yeah. Let's dig in, shall we? Ghosts entering the real world--it's okay, but it doesn't make sense when characters see them like real people. I can't take it seriously when the ghosts look like regular folks running around the house like an episode of Scooby Doo. Poltergeist had something akin to another dimension, but it didn't go too overboard with it--no where close to the supreme gayness of the Further. The Exorcist--the girl was possessed by the devil. Insidious--some old lady pops into the Father. Not even remotely scary.

Yeah, Insidious aped some of the best horror films of all time, but that still doesn't make it scary (or good)--and it's not even close to being original. It's cool if you found it frightening, I found it mostly funny.
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