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Originally Posted by tropical marsh View Post
Well, when you put it like that--yeah. Let's dig in, shall we? Ghosts entering the real world--it's okay, but it doesn't make sense when characters see them like real people. I can't take it seriously when the ghosts look like regular folks running around the house like an episode of Scooby Doo. Poltergeist had something akin to another dimension, but it didn't go too overboard with it--no where close to the supreme gayness of the Further. The Exorcist--the girl was possessed by the devil. Insidious--some old lady pops into the Father. Not even remotely scary.
So basically you're saying that the fictional alternate dimension was not "realistic"? I'm still not sure what you're getting at. The movie made perfect sense. So did you expect nothing to be there ever? Someone is seeing these demons as they are clearly appearing to someone. Even in Poltergeist the "Beast" appears to Steven. He comes back as the Reverend Kane in the sequels and everyone else can see him. What about The Shining? The ghosts appear to Wendy, Danny and Jack.

You seem to have a very strict guideline of what is right and wrong in supernatural films. You're nitpicking its lack of "realism" in a fictive world where there exists a distorted reality to begin with. Imagination comes into play in this situation. After all, this is filmmaking, and a director can play around with genre conventions. That's part of the fun. Why must ghosts be invisible and only noticeable when the chairs in the kitchen stack themselves atop the dinner table? Why can't someone see and hear malevolent spirits?

Sure you didn't find it scary, but that's not because the film is flawed (I will admit though, it is not perfect - personally not much of a fan of the ending - I also felt calling the other side "the further" was a little ridiculous, like a 10 year-old child made it up) but it's a solid piece of genre filmmaking. The score worked very well, the cinematography was impressive and it succeeded at what it set out to do, that is be a modern horror film made in the style of the suspense-horror movies of the '70s/'80s. I personally thought it worked quite well, and sure it's fine if you don't like it, I just don't think you're making a very good point at getting across what is particularly "wrong" with it. I'd say it's definitely way more of a hit than a miss.

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