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Originally Posted by tropical marsh View Post
First of all, The Shining--this is a whole 'nother animal right here. And yeah, I did like it because of the photography, atmosphere, and Jack's definitive psychotic performance. Let's face it, Wan is no Kubrick.

Anyway, about the ghosts appearing in the real world as real-looking people--I've never been a fan of it, but Insidious wasn't even consistent with it. Sometimes the ghosts could be seen, and sometimes not. For example, Rose Byrne saw ghosts several times throughout the movie, but the old lady couldn't been seen by anybody unless you caught her in a photograph. This inconsistency includes the lipstick-face demon as well, like sometimes he would pop up and people could see him--but in other scenes he was invisible (yet Lin Shaye was able to see him somehow, but the viewer couldn't).

All the ghost shit isn't really that big of a deal, and if those were the only things wrong with Insidious it wouldn't be that awful. I just can't dig stuff like astral projectin' into other dimensions, goofy alternate realities (the Further looked strangely just like our own reality...ooh spooky!), even goofier looking ghosts/demons, etc. And personally, I didn't like the way the music/sound was mixed--it was way too fucking loud. I had to turn it up to understand the dialogue, and the musical cues were deafening (not to be confused with scary--just obnoxious). Let me just add--the biggest reason I thought Insidious was a joke was because we were exposed to too much/could see stuff too clearly. Supernatural type movies work best (to me) if they apply the "less is more" approach. Films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity worked because they didn't get carried away with all the silly shit. Even Poltergeist didn't get quite as kooky as Insidious, and it ends up being better because of it.

Like I said, it's nice that peeps were able to enjoy Insidious. For me, it didn't do much of anything but annoy.
It's OK that you didn't like the film. It's just that your statement "I'm kinda shocked any real horror vet would find Insidious scary" came off as a bit patronizing.
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