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Yeah I picked up the first season and with no nostalgia behind them dug into it. I was surprised at how bad most of the episodes were. Most of the stories weren't even horror related and even worse, some of the episodes surprise pay offs were either non existent or just not good at all.

There were a few good episodes though, my favourites being:

Trick or Treat
A Case of the Stubborns
Inside the Closet
The Word Processor of the Gods
In the Cards
Anniversary Dinner
Answer Me

The rest were just awful though! Like wtf was "If the Shoes Fit..."!? Or "Snip, Snip", or "The Tear Collector", or "The False Prophet"!? God, so many terrible episodes! Tales from the Crypt had some stinkers as well, but they were at least watchable, or made up for with the surprise ending. Episode on here were just ridiculously bad, and not in the fun way, and with no pay off, they just went nowhere. I have no clue how these scripts made it to air and money was actually spent on them.

Does this show get any better? If not, I may wait until I can find these for $10 or under. It sounds like there are some good episodes in the later seasons, but I don't want to have to go through the same dreck again to get to them.
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