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Werner Von Wallenrod
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Yeah, the 3-disc is the one to get, but the (cut) r2 does still have some advantages: a substantially better picture, accurate subtitles (the NTSC discs have crazy typos and poor translations in almost every line), subtitled speeches (in the closing credits of each episode, Lars Von Trier talks to the audience... the NTSC cuts all the closing credits out, except the final one on each disc, and doesn't even subtitle those, so you're like, "what's that guy saying at the end?!?"), and a roughly hour-long documentary on Lars Von Trier's work up to and including The Kingdom 2.
Basically, the PAL disc blows the NTSC disc out of the water - except it's cut (which is a very big exception, obviously). So, each make your own decision (or get both versions, like I'm doin').
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