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Originally Posted by elDomenechHDG View Post
What, exactly, is Yor Hunter From the Future, sci-fi? Fantasy?. The plot sounds interesting enough but I'm limiting blind buys to pressed product for the most part, especially at these prices. The director, Anthony Dawson aka Bruno Mattei, isn't exactly known for making a lot of fine films but if this is passable entertainment I'm willing to pick up a copy if there's a decent sale.
No, the director of Yor was not Bruno Mattei. He had nothing to do with the film at all. Anthony Dawson is a pseudonym for Antonio Margheriti.

The movie is a blend of fantasy and science-fiction. The first half of the film is pure caveman fantasy while the plot gradually develops into sci-fi. It's a cult film that you'll either love or hate. It just 80's Italian cheese at it's core.

It was indeed originally conceived as a 4-hour TV version, which apparently exists in Italy (Italian language only), though few have ever seen it.
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