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I should have re-visited this thread sooner. I made horror-based comics my #1 interest at Comic-Con back in July. I attended the Creepy/Eerie panel, and that was a lot of fun. They had some great giveaways, but it was all based on trivia questions that I had no clue on. One guy was a real fanatic, and took most of the prizes. And it wasn't like he was being a dick about it either; once he won a couple, he stopped answering the questions so other people would have a chance. But no one else raised their hand, so he'd eventually chime in so that they'd have a winner.

I didn't get any of the archive volumes there though. Most were being sold at list price. I'd be better off on Amazon. I did find some vintage sellers though, and picked up a couple of individual issues from the 80s I think. I still have to go through my haul.

Finally, I got the first collection of the "new" Creepy from Dark Horse. Read a couple of stories so far, and it's not bad.

I do hope to get more Archive Collections, once I find them at a reasonable price, and I've whittled down my reading stack a bit.
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