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The choices for The Kingdom are.....

Taiwan R0 (NTSC) as pictured earlier (Forel)
All the Von Trier monologues are on the disc but none of them are subtitled. This is uncut.

This only has two of the monologues but they are subtitled. Sadly this disc is cut, only by about 5 seconds for animal cruelty (rat shooting scene). To make up for this the disc does contain an hour long documentary 'Tranceformer - A Portrait of Lars von Trier' Directed by Stig Bjorkman. This is also available on the Criterion disc of "The Element of Crime”

Canadian R1 (NTSC)
If you’re not bothered about the documentary then this is currently the best version. It’s uncut and is complete with all the monologues fully subtitled

Werner Von Wallenrod: what country is your PAL disc from?
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