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"Buzz. Kill."

didn't know anything about this. but its a direct sequel to the original? thats good, i suppose. I was wondering when/if any original series' were going to continue on after being remade. although i suppose TCM: The Next Generation was technically a sequel to the original too, so i guess it doesn't mean anything in terms of quality.

i don't like the trend (?) of replacing the series number with the subtitle "3D". It worked for Jaws, Amityville, and Friday the 13th because those were actually the third films in the series. But this isn't the 3rd sequel. And Saw 3D wasn't the third sequel either. Including "3D" in the title of a film just because that happens to be a viewing option (not even necessarily the format in which it was filmed) seems stupid. It reminds of Police Squad: In Color!
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