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I’m not really upset by the fact Maniac is being remade… I knew it was happening, and if anyone was going to be behind it, let it be Alexandre Aja…he can bring the sleaze this movie needs probably better than any other writer currently out there.

But how the hell one equates the likes of Joe Spinell with Elijah Wood is downright comical and almost insulting to Spinell’s performance as Frank Zito. Joe Spinell was a very intimidating man (albeit with a heart of gold). He was large, overweight and to put it mildly, one ugly motherfucker. His physical attributes played a big part in his performance as Frank Zito. His skills as an actor then cemented the believability that this guy was a serious sociopathic killer. It’s a chilling role/performance to say the least. Joe Spinell is Frank Zito, much like Robert Englund is Freddy.

Elijah Wood is the exact opposite of Joe Spinell and is about as intimidating and terrifying as a newborn kitten. There is just no believability that this guy is going around killing girls when most of the chicks he’s going after probably have a good 20lb and 3 inches on the guy.

And for the people calling out Maniac stating “it’s not that good of a movie”…you’re absolutely right, it isn’t. But that’s not necessarily why fans such as myself enjoy the movie. What makes Maniac so great is the grittiness and the pure lack of morals that went into making this film. William Lustig’s only other directorial credits at this point were porno movies. The movie feels like a late 70’s roughie (minus the penetration) that could have been double billed on 42nd Street with the likes of WaterPower or Climax of Blue Power. It is just a dirty-dirty flick. You feel like taking a shower the second the credits roll… it’s just a straight up sleazy grit-fest to the max. That accompanied with Joe Spinell’s perfect portrayal as the deranged Frank Zito, Jay Chattaway's brilliant score and you have one of the greatest slasher movies ever made. Savini’s effects are just the icing on the sleaze-cake if you ask me.

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