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Originally Posted by MarkWarner View Post
A midget? Wood is far from a midget. He also managed to be pretty damn sneaky and cunning in Sin City. For all the talk about how killers shouldn't be hulking maniacs (no pun intended), I think it's pretty funny that people are taking such issue with his height.

And as far as the original being a film that gets by on its bad charm, I don't see it that way. I've enjoyed sleazy films in the past, but those films always had something to keep me watching. I didn't have that with Maniac. The plot is also so simple that it could easily be improved upon. There's a framework there for a good story, and perhaps this film will make it work. There's no guarantee of that, of course, but I'm hopeful.
It’s not just Wood’s height….it’s his meek body frame. He looks fragile. There’s just no intimidation factor. And I don’t see the relevance of bringing up Wood’s performance as Kevin in Sin City seeing as its derivative of the source material (as it should be). There is no source material for the character of Frank Zito aside from Joe Spinell in the original. Wood is either going to blatantly rip it off or try something different…either way I don’t see it working. I just don’t see his “boy next door” demeanor working as a insane serial killer.

The original doesn’t “get by on its bad charm”. The movie isn’t charming in any sense of the word. It’s the exact opposite. It isn’t “so bad its good”…it is just a visceral and nasty picture. The plot isn’t suppose to be complex or thought provoking. It’s not Taxi Driver. Like I said before Lustig’s only other directorial credits were that of porn films, why on Earth would anyone be expecting a plot? It is just suppose to disgust. Plain and simple. It’s clearly evident by the infamous headshot everyone is so caught up on. Maniac is a porn flick in a sense, but instead of using man gravy, Lustig used Savini’s mind blowing effects as the money shot. Maniac was the very beginning of what everyone likes to call the “torture porn” genre that is so prevalent today. As much as everyone likes to belittle Maniac for having a simple and unoriginal plot, it still was a innovator in every sense of the word.
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