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Yeah, the Nightmare remake is the one that did it for me. When they remade Freddy, that pretty much made me give up and say "Remakes are here to stay, no matter how much we whine." So, while I don't exactly embrace them, I've come to terms with them. I still think they are an incredible waste of money and shows how dire Hollywood is in need of fresh ideas and creativity. But at the end of the day, if a studio thinks they can make more money on a remake of a forgotten 70s mini-classic than they will an original film like The Rite or My Soul To Take, they will remake whatever they can.

And yes, remakes do introduce new audiences to the original films through new DVD releases. Imagine how many people were duped into buying the original My Bloody Valentine when the new one came out, just because the special edition DVD was already on Walmart shelves. To me, that's a big win for the original film. Hell... there's no way we would've even got to SEE the uncut director's cut of My Bloody Valentine, had it not been for the remake. Paramount wasn't going to do squat for it. It sure wouldn't have gotten that kind of mainstream distribution in this day and age, had it not been for the remake. Same for Black Christmas. That movie, like MBV, was known only to die-hard horror fans, before the remake.

And just this past October, I saw the ORIGINAL Hills Have Eyes for sale at Walmart. If not for the remake, I highly doubt that would've been part of the October promotion.

Along the same lines... I didn't even get all that upset when they Twiligh-ified the new DVD cover for Near Dark. Because if some poor brooding emo sap is gonna sob and cut himself to a vampire flick, Near Dark is a much better choice. I hope a lot of people bought it and were fooled into thinking it was some kind of Twilight-esque flick. Quite brilliant, if you ask me.
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