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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post on Earth did you get that out of what I wrote? The statement I made was in regards to you implying that because Wood played Kevin in Sin City, he has the credence to play a character as sick and vile as Frank Zito. The two are completely irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.
How so? I mean, we're all basing our opinions on how he might do on what he's done before. I just happen to be basing it on stuff that's more relevant to what he's going to be playing.

Haha...Frank Zito is the cliche. Wow. Exactly right...seeing as most slasher movies being made at that time were of overweight Italians living in a slum in the middle of New York City...afraid not. Maniac broke the mold of the masked slasher stalking teenagers in the woods or suburbia and instead brought the ugliness and seediness of the big city streets.
I wasn't referring just to films. I'm talking about the general cliche of killers being big, nasty, burly guys. He may have not been a Freddy or a Jason, but Frank Zito was still a cliche in terms of how we perceive what a real serial killer is like.

Read my second post. I have no issues with Maniac being remade. However, I do have an issue with the casting decision. I also have an issue with people downgrading the original. I understand its your opinion, but for Christ's sake give credit where credit is do. Its a great flick, with great performances and is a top tier slasher flick in my book.
I did give credit where I felt it was due (Savini's effects work). That's about all the credit I'm willing to give the film though.
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