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Originally Posted by Workshed View Post
Someone who looks like Elijah Wood, however? Not threatening at all in appearance. And that's why guys like Dahmer are so "successful" at doing the horrible things they do.
Dahmer was also 6' 1" and weighed 190lb.

Originally Posted by startide View Post
I hated Maniac, on many levels, but I just didn't buy an unattractive man and a beautiful woman together. The only time that happens is when you're a rock star, a sports star or you've otherwise got boatloads of cash. For that reason, I could almost believe Elijah Wood, he's not terribly good looking, but he's not that ugly either.
The only reason for the "relationship" between Frank Zito and Anna was because Lustig thought Caroline Munro was hot and wanted her to be in the movie longer. Sure it isn't believable, but it was never meant to be... it was just great eye candy for the viewer. You can thank Mr. Lustig for that.

Originally Posted by baggio View Post
Well after all this talk about the remake here is some news.

I just heard an radio interview with Elijah Wood and he talked about the film.

He said that he is usually against remakes, but the concept is totally different & figured it was quite a interesting role to take. He said the entire movie is shot in POV, and that his character is only revealed in reflections.

And there's terrible decision #2. A POV movie...filled with shaky cam and quick shots to give it the "found footage" vibe the kids are raging about these days...junk.

More than likely a promising premise turned into the latest zero thrills, no balls flash in the pan remake courtesy of brainless movie execs.

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