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Originally Posted by baggio View Post
I just heard an radio interview with Elijah Wood and he talked about the film.

He said that he is usually against remakes, but the concept is totally different & figured it was quite a interesting role to take. He said the entire movie is shot in POV, and that his character is only revealed in reflections.
Again, this sounds perfectly fine by me. It's actually a potentially fascinating way to go with this.

Think about it for a minute: What set Maniac apart from other movies about killers, and proved to be very controversial at the time, was that it was the first movie in which the killer was the protagonist. As dangerous and repulsive as Zito was, Maniac was his story and it didn't look away from the nasty bits. For this update, the filmmakers are taking the core concept of Maniac and taking it to the next level, updating it with a popular modern film technique. They are actually staying more true to the spirit and intent of Maniac than they would be if they just got a sleazy meatball-looking guy like Spinell and tried to re-film the original.

Now there's certainly room for this to go awry in the actual filming / editing, but if the director is good, this could be a true Maniac for the 21st century.
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