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Call me crazy, but I sort of like this concept. I don't think this means they're going for the crappy found footage subgenre. It's an original way to approach it and I, for one, applaud the filmmakers for trying something new. They can show Zito's hallucinations, what he sees, what he's really kinda neat. I'd much rather have this new, fresh take than have them cast a sweaty Phillip Seymour Hoffman and do a shot for shot remake with an endless color scheme of Exorcist barf greens and overcast greys like every other modern horror film.

I'll give it chance and I actually like Wood's casting. It's inspired. This might be one of the first modern remakes that has a chance at being something more than a sloppy re-telling of a better film. I mean, really, besides the terrific effects, good performances, gritty atmosphere and haunting score, what was so special about Maniac in the first place? The script was nothing special, but it was the way in which it was presented that made it special and memorable.
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