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Originally Posted by fallon6190 View Post
Yeah it's a very different take on old Rawhead. It's a adaption of his story for
Eclipse Comics. Clive Barker and Les Edwards worked on it for the company
and supposedly it's how Barker envisioned Rawhead when he wrote the story.

Thanks for reminding me of these, I got them all in the basement somewhere (or was this a one-shot? Thinking one-shot but...), now about to go digging. If somehow you missed it, in Barker's Nightbreed comic series, there is a story arc over 4-5 issues with Nightbreed vs Rawhead Rex. Found it, 4 issues, 13-16. There is also a Nightbreed vs Hellraiser 2 part series (titled Jihad) that was even better than the Rawhead story if I recall correctly.

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