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Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
So your views are the be all and end all on Maniac?

I disagree with what your views are on the film in the regards to what you deem to be that nobody can find anything artistic or effective in it. You seem to forget that people have different views and opinions. For me personally the movie is effecting and disturbing and it still chills me to this day, as well as being what I would consider a piece of cinematic art. I find Lustig's direction very unique, precise, and thought out and Spinell's performance is high above most slashers and I personally think is on the same wave length as DeNiro's Travis Bickle. Any and all films are subjective and individual to the viewer. And from reading your posts I can understand why you don't like the film.

It's alright to dislike a film, however it's not alright to put down others views, "in defense" as you've said, if other people like the film.
I agree with pretty much all your thoughts on Maniac. I thought putting the perspective on developing the character of the killer was rather unique at a time when faceless slashers were a dime a dozen. Interesting film for me, though not high art, very effective.
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