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Originally Posted by SaviniFan View Post
Alas, artists like Tom Savini, the people at KNB, Rob Bottin, and Rick Baker are fading into the abyss.
Tom Savini hasn't done any major practical effects work in ages, and KNB has embraced the use of CGI to add to their effects work. I think there's a place for both to coexist and be used together, but sadly most people and filmmakers will only argue for one side or the other.

This isn't another "hate on CGI" post by the way, but you'd be hard pressed to find anything CGI related in horror that stands the test of time like Bottin's work on The Thing and The Howling.
I won't disagree with this, but then again most of the CGI work that wows me in movies isn't the big, expensive looking shots. It's when the CGI is used to flesh out things a bit and to give something a bit more life. CGI has a limit, just like practical effects do, but again, I feel like there's room for both in film.

As far as these pics go, unless there's a closeup of a CGI blade, I bet most people won't even notice. I'm sure they'll have some shots of real blades to sell the CGI better.
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