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Mutilated Prey's 2012 List

Insidious - Some good creepy images in this paranormal activity type of flick. I wouldn't mind a sequel. I would have liked a little more background on some of the demons.
The Hangover II - Not as bad as the rap it was getting. Good as the first, no, not much new creativity here, but it's still funny and no reason to skip if you like the original.
Pin - Took me a while to get around to watching this and I was indeed pleasantly surprised. Pretty creepy movie psychologically. No gore, barely deaths, just creepiness.
House on Sorority Row - Watched the Liberation version of this and found it to be a pretty good transfer. Progressive or Interlaces, I thought it looked good - fun flick.
House of the Devil - Gave the Blu a rewatch with some friends that were interested. I think this is a great flick for it's time, nice throwback to the 80's with good scares.
Beyond the Darkness - Watched the Blu of this for the first time and found it to be a great transfer. Nice and crisp. Pretty crazy movie overall and very entertaining.
Cowboys and Aliens - Low expectations after reading the negative reviews and the title doesn't draw me in either. Much better than I thought, and better than Super 8.
Better Off Dead - Classic old school 80's comedy that will always need a revisit once in a while. Two Dollars!!! Thatsa shame. Throwin' away a perfectly good white boy.
Night Watch - Slightly over dramatic was Liz Taylor at times, but the overall creepy mood and atmosphere created for quite a bit if the film makes it worth while.
I Love You Philip Morris - Not quite what I was expecting from Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor. I don't mind movies with gay characters, but this was over the top.
Syngenor - Not as good as the original, but some good jump scares early that caught me off guard. It just turns into more of an action than horror as it goes on.
Don't Go in the House - Glad I got a chance to revisit this. Fits well into the kind of 80's horror I love. Good replay value, creepy, sleezy - let's do it again real soon.
Kindergarten Cop - Woke up and didn't feel like moving from my bed, so I flipped around the channels and got sucked in. Not as bad as you may think, not great either.
Blood and Lace - Got a pretty nice transfer of this from Midnight Video. This is a decent slasher from the 70's which deserves slightly more recognition than it gets.

Apollo 18 - Not a bad of a flick - entertaining for a rental. A few jump scares and enough intrigue to keep me interested - I would have gone for Alternate Ending 4.
Hatchet 2 - Great fun. I thought it was pretty much as entertaining as the first. Awesome kills and gore. Bring on Part 3 if possible! What up with the raised eyebrow?
Halloween Night - Second time viewing and really not all that bad for a low-budget never really heard of flick. Decent gore, OK story, but some bad acting here and there.
50/50 - A little more drama than comedy from Seth Rogan which I wasn't expecting, but nonetheless it was a decent movie that touches on some serious spots.
Scream 4 - Well, not a terrible rebirth of the slasher series, but nothing to write home about either. I kinda feel the same way about all the Scream sequels though.
Lake Mungo - Finally got around to seeing this Aussie Blair Witch of sorts. More of a documentary that I enjoyed overall although the neighbor portion was unnecessary.
Black Swan - Much better than I anticipated, might even consider buying the Blu. Although, some things didn't make sense to me with the visions and ending.
Wake the Witch - Low-budget doo doo. Yeah, I've seen worse, but this is definitely bottom rung - boring, annoying characters with acne, no sense and 1 hr 50 min!
Corpse Mania - Japanese horror with rotting corpses, bugs and decent gore. However, the blood is bright red paint! Some creepy scenes but the overall flow is off.
The King's Speech - This movie could have been 45 minutes long. A tad too slow moving and boring for my taste. Very well done movie and all but just not for me.
Iced - Was glad to finally revisit this movie. I actually enjoy watching it even though it's kinda low-budget the first hour can be a bit trying at times. My first VHS transfer!
Dead and Buried - Gave the Blu a spin. Great picture and movie. Some grain on the dark spots, but that's expected. My second viewing and this film is growing on me.
Friday the 13th (remake) - Blu second viewing. I really like this one as far as remakes go. Jason is hardcore and moving quick with no remorse. Where's part 2?
Lincoln Lawyer - Not bad at all for something I did a total blind rent on. Yeah, it's got a twist we've all seen before, but it's well executed and acted. Try it out.
House of Dies Drear - I have been waiting for years to finally watch this movie. I had no idea it was something geared towards kids, but I feel it's better than that!
Mother of Tears - Not a bad re-entry for Argento, especially from a gore perspective - plentiful. The story is so/so as is the acting and the ending is kinda weak.
Lake Placid - I've been waiting a while to finally revisit this flick. It's entertaining enough, but still kinda has a meh quality overall. The CGI doesn't help either.

Spine - Been trying to get this one shipped for a while from Netflix, and it was barely worth the wait. Low-budget, but doesn't even have any redeeming qualities.
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas - Doesn't hold up as well as the previous two entries, but still some decent laughs throughout. Juvenile and excessive drugs.
Pretty in Pink - This was tough to sit through. A little too much drama with a lot of ugly people. I was thinking of Sixteen Candles for some reason at the start.
The Descent - Finally got a chance to view the Blu and it looked great. This was my second viewing of the movie and I really had forgotten a lot. Very well done movie.
Sorority Babes in the Slime Bowl-A-Rama - Another one that took a while to get shipped to me and this one was worth the wait. B Movie for sure, but ina good way.
Final Exam - My second viewing and this time it was the BCI release. The film is starting to grow on me a little, and I look forward to watching the Scorpion upgrade.
Descent 2 - Better than I had anticipated for a straight to video sequel. Good gore, actors returned and left an opening for what could be a good sequel. Not bad.
Evils of the Night - Interesting cast of characters in this one, but a little more stupid humor than horror and it still kinda stinks. And the music, wtf - nice mixing.
Casino Jack - A pretty good Spacey movie, although kinda hard to follow and understand at points. Nice to see John Luvitz in something. Entertaining.
Bread Crumbs - I didn't get it. Seems very low budget all the way through, but every once in a while you'd see a nice shot. The movie is very lackluster, weak gore.
Taken - Somehow I forgot all about this movie, but I'm glad I remembered to rent it. I thought is kicked ass. Straight and to the point, no messing around or fluff.
Warlock Moon - Been waiting a while to check this one out. Decent surprise for sure. Nice twisty story what leaves some things up to interpretation. Old school!
Monsters Crash the Pajama Party - Some serious poop. The packaging and extras are kinda funny and cool, but what the hell man. The main movie is pretty craptacular.
Nightmare Weekend - Cheaply done and disjointed which is a shame because it does have some of those 80's horror pro's with some gore. The puppet is pretty stupid.
The Descendants - Pretty good George Clooney movie that won a bunch of awards. The flow is just intriguing enough to keep you interested throughout.
Midnight - Somewhat of an early 80's lost gem, but for whatever reason the second viewing was not as enthralling as the first. Still cool though, I'll watch it again.
The Big Year - With such a great cast I was a little disappointed as I felt like I was watching a Disney movie. Yeah, it was entertaining enough, but cmon guys.
Paranormal Activity 3 - Another good addition to the series. Some big jumps and scares. A good storyline with a nice ending that leaves you wanting more information.
The Dark Side of Midnight - So many mustaches, long boring dialog and not nearly enough gore or action. When the babysitter spanks the kid is the only redeeming quality.
Jennifer's Body - Gave this a re-watch. It's not bad except the constant feeling like I'm watching Beverly Hills 90210 with the melodramatic dialog. Not bad overall.
Dream House - Total blind rent, never heard of it and I think I know why. The story is good enough, but the execution is not. It starts out really disjointed, but ok later.
NightFall - Low budget SOV vampire movie. Not terrible, but a lot of boring parts overall. One or two actually decent gore scenes, but really not worth anyone's time.
Female Vampire - Whoa. This is basically soft porn kicked up a notch. There's really no horror here to speak of or gore. However, it is a good movie and memorizing.
Three More Days - Russell Crow blind rent, and actually not bad at all. Good story and keep you interested throughout. You're definitely intrigued to see how it ends.
Silent Scream - Finally got around to watching the CodeRed release. Really nice transfer. The movie starts out great and has a creepy feel throughout, but falls short.

Drive - Good movie. Never really heard of it other than some random folks saying how great is was. Looking at the description you wouldn't think much, but it is.
The Hand - Old school horror with Michael Cain that I have not seen since I was little. Didn't remember it all, but it was definitely better than I thought. Nice twist.
The Rum Diaries - Talk about a movie where nothing happens and essentially has no plot. Sure, it's fun watching these folks get wasted and such, but overall terrible.
Sword and the Sorcerer - Watched this for the first time in 25 years and while entertaining on a cheese level the musical score it outrageously terrible - was it the Smurfs?
The Night Porter - Can you say dull? BORING!!! A couple of random weak sex scenes and that's about it - how is this controversial? Get the FF button ready.
Demented - It took me years to finally sit down and watch this. I really enjoyed it, even though the lead actress' voice was super annoying. Where's the DVD?
Bad Ronald - Warner Archive collection does it again with this forgotten made for TV movie. Looked great and fun to watch. Even though Ronald was slightly cuckoo.
The Music Never Stopped - Good movie about a boy who has a brain tumor removed only to result in memory issues. His Dad finds a link with the Dead - pretty sad though.
Haunting of Winchester House - What a pile of crap. Some of the ghost were kinds cool looking but the "events" were over the top and too much, plus the camera angles.
Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator - Well you can all skip this one. Low budget, no real deaths, stupid story with a twist or two in the end, but boring as hell to watch.
Sam's Lake - Mixed feelings. The start was kinda lame and boring, but seems to pick up in the second half. Might have to watch it again to see if I have an appreciation.
C.H.U.D. II - Has absolutely nothing to do with the original, other than the name. More of a weakened Night of the Creeps with a ton more corn and a lot less gore.
Stanley - Starts out like it could be cool, but then it dries out for a while. Kinda funny in spots, but the real snake killing is slightly fucked. Entertaining nonetheless.
The Survivor - Creepy atmospheric Aussie film from 1981 with an intense opening to keep you enamored, however there's a plot hole that didn't carry over from the book.
Money Ball - Pretty well done baseball flick about the Oakland A's GM and his new strategy to create a winning team. A little longer than necessary but still good.
The Inheritance - Talk about a cool DVD cover and a lousy movie, this one definitely wins that award as of late. Black people in VT dealing with some voodoo shit?
Headless Eyes - Frasier Crane? No, but the psycho in this looks like him and plays the cuckoo role extremely well - worth the watch for that. Transferred my old VHS.
Innocent Blood - Pretty good for a flick I've never heard of, but what a terrible release. Fullscreen and cut? Cmon WB, step it up - uncut, widescreen, you know the drill.
Slashed Dreams - Cool title, nice artwork, has Robert Englund in it so, it's gonna be decent right? Wrong. It's pretty terrible, well, that's harsh, but overall VERY lackluster.

The Violent Kind - Better than all the crappy reviews I've read. Maybe all the under-hype helped me to enjoy it more. Different kind of horror which I found entertaining.
Door into Silence -Fulci's last flick so it had to be watched. Not anywhere near his best, nor a gory horror flick, but just a thriller with a well known twist - just OK.
The Sitter - If it weren't for Jonah Hill this movie would have been just another kid flick, but he makes you laugh out loud multiple times. Nothing great, but funny.
My Bloody Valentine - Always love this Canadian slasher and this time I watched the Blu, excellent transfer, much better than I could have imagined. And uncut too!
Night Screams - Watched this for the second time and actually found it better this time around. Has a lot of fun 80's slasher elements and twists with red herrings.
The Darkest Hour - Somewhat of a cool concept and it actually wasn't terrible...until the end. Cruddy CGI for the aliens made it look like a video game suddenly.
Ghostkeeper - Viewed the CodeRed release and thank God someone put this on DVD. Great creepy atmosphere that pulls you in. Looks great but some green splotches.
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Man, was that kid annoying. Not something I was expecting and will never watch again. Nice journey for a kid trying to get closure.
House of 1000 Corpses - Watched the blu for the first time, second viewing overall. Seemed better this time around although it's just slightly overkill in some aspects.
Midnight in Paris - A little too dry and dull for me. Was interested as it was a Woody Allen movie, but that didn't seem to hold it up very well. Meh.
40 Year Old Virgin - I've watched this 3 times now and it seems to get a few more chuckles each time around. Still didn't quite live up to the hype for me overall.
Shock - Not a bad Argento flick, actually had never heard of it. Not as weird as artsy as his other movies which is good for me. The kid in the movie is annoying.
The Psychic - An enjoyable Fulci mystery thriller-type flick. Some minor gore with a nice twist in the end. You're certainly kept intrigued throughout.
The Sinful Dwarf - This is stupid and mesmerizing at the same time. Just can't look away. Hardcore sex scenes and you wanna know what Shrimpy is gonna do next.

Isolation - I think I may need to revisit this. It didn't have my undivided attention, but there appeared to be a lot of suspense/gore. Kinda like Feast or The Thing.
Blackwoods - Not terrible, but definitely a made for TV movie. Decent twists that keep you intrigued until the end, but the editing will make you nauseous.
Battle Royale - While the picture quality was great I didn't think the movie lived up to the hype. It was entertaining enough, but I was expecting more - decent gore.
Sodoma's Ghost - Cool tracking down this Fulci flick and it's not bad. Nothing really happens for a while, still kind of a cool ghost story - The Dood from Ice is in it!
Red, White & Blue - Good stuff here -If you can get through the first hour of somewhat repetitiveness and plot building then you will be rewarded. Pretty hardcore.
Wait Until Dark - A very well done movie with classic suspense, but overall a little too drawn out and boring for my taste. Some good moments and a classic in it's own.
Slaughter Hotel - Definitely not a hotel, but more of a mild loony bin. Cool setting and pretty good overall - lotsa nudity and "rubbing" too. Not a movie for a plane ride.
Bad Timing - Weird Art Garfunkel movie. Kinda slow moving for a long time, but very well acted and somewhat of a disturbing ending. Might get a Blu if it happens.
A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean with subtitles and very hard to follow. However, it was a good movie with some creepy moments and deserves to be watched again.
Blood of Ghastly Horror - Terrible Troma reject, shoulda known before even attempting to watch it. This movie is literally all over the place. Good luck staying awake.
Hell's Ground - Pakistan horror movie? Actually not all that bad. Kinda like Cabin Fever meets Return of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Decent gore.
The Crazies - Well, the Blu looks fantastic, however the movie itself seems very dated. It's pretty good and all, but there are parts that will bore you and don't flow.
Exorcist III - First time viewing just based off the positive reviews and actually found it to be a well done movie. Some good creepy moments and jump scares.
Lucker: The Necrophagous - Took me a while to finally get around to watching this and man is it nasty! However, we couldn't get a better source for the DVD? Weak.

Rubber - Man, I was expecting something slightly better than this. Very boring, repetitive and lame. A few exploding heads, but even that was not enough for me.
Deadwood Park - Low budget and somewhat lame. There was some potential towards the end, but it wasn't enough to give this a good review. Too long as well.
Waxwork - Never seen this one until now and it wasn't half bad. Pretty entertaining with some good gore. However, the stories are slightly lame as is the ending.
L'Enfer - Well, I dunno about one of the scariest, but the main character is definitely nuts and takes things too far. Somewhat of a well done movie though.
Straw Dogs - I decided to give the original a run since seeing the remake and I was surprised to see how little difference there was - maybe just the setting?
Blood Ranch - Not bad for the budget. Kinda like a cheapened version of Devils rejects - crew of cuckoo people, gore, nudity and rape. What's not to like?
The Innocents - Well, not bad for it's time I'm sure, but the B&W and dry dialog put me to sleep. The ending was a bit abrupt too - not quite clear what happened.
Legend of Boggy Creek - Took me quite a while to watch this. Pretty cool it's a Charles B. Pierce film, but where's the real DVD release? Pretty horrible transfer.
Madison County - Total blind rent and was actually pretty good considering the budget. Kinda like Wrong Turn meets Malevolence. Slightly slow beginning, but picks up.
Edge of the Axe - Second viewing of this lost 80's gem slasher. Definitely deserves a real DVD release. Some fun axe whacking scenes and whodunnit mystery.
Savage Streets - Finally sat down and watched this one, and now I see why all the hype. Good trashy 80's exploitation that keeps you interested throughout.
Forbidden World - Watched the Blu, but the quality was not as great as I expected. Still good though and the flick itself is very entertaining - good gore and fun!
I Spit on Your Grave (2010) - Great. It was the movie that just kept giving. If you like the original, you'll love this. The Fishing scene alone is worth the price of admission.
Prison - Haven't watched this in quite some time. Actually better quality than I remember. decent production values and acting. Why is there no real DVD release?
What Lies Beneath - All star cast, gotta love it. Some very creepy moments and also great production values. some slight lame CGI, but overall a very good movie.

The Perfect Host - Niles from Frasier plays a pretty kooky person in this one. It's not too bad either. Keeps you entertained throughout, but the ending is kinda meh.
Dark Remains - I wanted to like this one. Some good jump scares, decent story and creepy atmosphere. However, the ending is confusing and doesn't answer much.
Vigilante - Nice little revenge-type flick - kinda like Exterminator. Take the law into your own hands and kill some punks. Slightly over-hyped, but still entertaining.
976-Evil 2 - Haven't seen the first because I don't have it and this came part of a Horror Collection set. Mildly entertaining, but now I see why I never saw these.
The Innkeepers - I'm digging Ti's movies so far. Keep 'em coming. This one could have offered some more background info and answers, but still very enjoyable.
The Abominable Dr. Phibes - Not bad for it's time, but still a little too corny to sit through without yawning. Some definite craziness though that makes it entertaining.
Hunger Games - The Battle Royale rip-off made for the US. Not nearly as good either and that's not exactly saying much. Bad character development and too long.
Dr. Phibes Rises Again - Tough to sit through, more so than the original. Just a little too bland and didn't seem to stand the test of time. Whacky yes, but not enough.

Cemetery Gates - Decided to revisit this one as I recall enjoying it first time around. *Tons of gore, pretty entertaining, but slightly corny and stupid at the same time.
White Fire - Watched this based on a recommendation from here after discussing The Exterminator. *Diamond in the rough, cheesy, gory, and needs a real dvd release.
The Entity - Took me a very long time to finally sit down and watch this movie in full. *Not bad at all, very well acted and some pretty intense paranormal rape scenes.
Humongous - Late night viewing with some visiting friends after partying all night. *Couldn't hold their attention very well, but I enjoyed it immensely. *Will watch again!
Joe Dirt - The movie was on Comedy Central and immediately sucked me in even though I've seen it a few times. Always some good laughs to be had. Def Leppard sucks!
Zach and Miri Make a Porno - Not a good movie to watch on Comedy Central if they're going to cut the hell out of it. I actually couldn't make it to the very end.
The Old Dark House - Not sure what the excitement is here, but it was kinda funny. I'm sure back in the day it was pretty highly regarded, but I feel asleep eventually.
The Woman in Black - Got to check out the remake of this recently viewed horror classic and thought it was pretty good. Much more explained and more action.
Bangkok Haunted - Thai triple story Creepshow of sorts, but not nearly as fun or gory. However, still intriguing and entertaining until the end. Last story is confusing.
Captain America - Another Marvel Comic come to life. Better than some of the others I thought, decent violence. Sure, lots of far-fetchness, but still fun to watch.
The Victim - Movie by Michael Biehn. Not very good at all. Lots of sex which is a plus, but the story itself is very bland and has no twists whatsoever. Bad acting too.
The Last Rite - I wasn't expecting much from this film, but I feel like it didn't even meet that expectation. Very routine, but some decent sequences. Nothing great.
The Lost Tribe - It's a lame version of Predator. Instead of mud making you invisible, it's grape goo. Instead of predators it's primates, but they make the same noises.

The Road - Emilio Estevez directs this flick about a father, Martin Sheen, who's son dies, Emilio, doing a European hike so Martin decides to finish it for him. Just alright.
Project X - Crazy sex teen comedy shot with POV which was actually done pretty well. some of the stuff was pretty stupid, but some definite funny moments overall.
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - I'm assuming this was a remake from the 1973 original. The movie is kind of annoying but the sounds that the creature whisper are cool.
Contagion - It was just alright. Interesting and entertaining, but somewhat dry and boring at times. Great cast and acting, but just seemed like a no frills story.
The Broken - Typical "ghost in the mirror" movie, but was a little more creepy. It did seem to drag at times, and was slightly annoying because of no explanations.
Quarantine 2 - not nearly as good as the first, but still entertaining and some good gore. It did get a little better as it went on, but I was worried at first.
The Boogeyman (1980) - Haven't watched this flick in a long time and it never really appealed to me. This time around I enjoyed it more than usual. Fun to watch.
Revenge of the Boogeyman - Terrible. All flashbacks with even worse footage in between. Why even bother? It's like SNDN II, but that was kinda entertaining.
Touch of Death - Not one of Fulci's best by any means, but still entertaining with some good gore and a somewhat whacky premise. The ending is a little abrupt.
Left Bank - I dug this movie. French with subtitles but not much to follow any sort of dialog. Pretty creepy and has some fun twists that leave you saying wtf?
Wake Wood - A spin-off of Pet Semetary of sorts that was mildly entertaining. Very straightforward "careful what you wish" for and "follow the rules" move.
Splinter - Not bad, but seems to follow a tired formula Folks held up in a gas station trying to fight off a killer virus of sorts. Creepy the way it controls bodies.
Dementia 13 - One of the better older B&W horror movies I've seen. Yes, it's dated, but the kills are fun, creepy atmosphere and a whodunnit twist.
Halloween (Remake) - My second viewing. Folks give this a lot of guff, but I personally feel it's not that bad at all. It's entertaining, sleezy and gory.
It's Alive II - Not a bad sequel. The babies still crack me up with their funny noises. They do look fake as all hell though. Fun to watch, looking forward to III.

Salem's Lot - It was nice to revisit this once made-for-tv mini series. I really didn't remember much of it, but it was fun to watch. Now I need to watch Return.
Cedar Rapids - Started very dry and dull. Things did eventually pick up a little more than I would have imagined, so it was a nice surprise. Somewhat dark comedy.
Hauntedween - Finally released on DVD as good as it'll ever get which isn't great, but much better than I've seen it. Fun little low-budget slice of 80's cheese.
Black VooDoo Exorcist - Oh man, this is beyond description. Low-budget early 70's grindhouse Cali type of flick. Some terrible make-up effects and tends to be slow.
Offerings - Definitely on the lower end of the 80's slasher craze which follows a Halloween type of flow, but still entertaining with some fun kills. Audio is terrible.
It's Alive III - Took me long enough to finally watch this. Not as bad as I was expecting, but not as good as the first two. Interesting to see some of babies grown.
Girls' Nite Out - Better than I remembered it. It seems to take a while to get going, but it's a good campy 80's slasher that stands up with the rest from that era.
Have a Nice Weekend - I'm digging the nostaglia of this flick. Why is it so damn hard to find and not on DVD. It's really not a bad movie with a nice whodunnit feel.
Grizzly - One of the best PG horror movies out there. Glad to hear it's coming the Blu-Ray. The ending is a little rough, but love the random swatting bear paws.
Dark Carnival - I decided to give this one a second viewing a few years later, didn't remember much of it all. There's too much fake silliness in the beginning. Meh.
Sanctum - Pretty cool underwater cave adventure. Like The Descent but without the little monsters. Due to collapse they must find their way out thru exploration.

127 Hours - The story of the hiker that got his hand caught in between some rocks recently. How he survived and such. Pretty good story for sure, but too long.
The Hearse - not bad but seems more like a made for TV movie. Nothing new here at all. We've seen this type of ghost story multiple times before.
God Told Me To - Kinda creepy seeing this just a week before the Newtown shooting. This was a decent watch and the "God" encounters were a little weird.
Cabin in the Woods - not exactly what I was hoping for. Seemed to start out very promising, but then tried a new angel swaying from the norm - so/so.
The Devil Inside - Not one of the better exorcism movies I've seen. Some creepy moments that are mildly entertaining but you could definitely do better.
Alligator - A cult classic which is pretty entertaining. First time watching in quite a while. Bought the DVD a while back and was glad to revisit. Don't flush!
Night of the Demons 2 - Not nearly as good as the first, but still holds good entertainment value. Good gore, but the lipstick thing is kinda stupid. I may skip the Blu.
School Killer - Decided to give this one a watch again as I recalled enjoying it. It did indeed hold up, but the ending is a little weak. Wish their was English dialog.
Blood Harvest - Watched the uncut version. It's amazing how a little more gore and nudity can make a movie that much better. Seek out this version for sure.
The Wolfman - Entertaining remake of an old black and white cult classic which was way overdue. However, slightly too much CGI makes this a little cheesy.
Piranha 2 - Never seen this before and I was surprised actually how entertaining it was. Went in with very low expectations. Silly and fun with Lance Henriksen.
Chromeskull 2 - It was just OK, the original was better. The gore is superb, but the story is a little unnecessary. Brian Austin Green character I really wasn't following.
Black Christmas - And that's how we're gonna end the year. This flick has become a stale for me each Christmas, which is funny considering I originally disliked it.

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