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As a fan of VHS and DVD with over 17,000 VHSs and DVDs I love the idea that people even care nowadays about VHS. When I mentioned I just watched Bury Me An Angel or To All A Goodnight on VHS last night or whatever people stare at me and call me a "caveperson". Where's your flatscreen? Or what about your hi-def? They ask. I love the VHs times and am glad I at least got to experience the days of renting as many as 7 VHSs in one day back in 1984 from local video stores. I would usually rent 7 a day on the weekend and 3-5 on the weekdays to watch after school. Different times indeed. NOw I own a lot of the VHSs I used to rent when various stores closed up. A lot are like collectors items to me since I spent much of time eduting myself with great horror,sci-fi,cult,etc. films from log ago.
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