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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
Do you guys actually like that kind of shit? I'll see this movie, 'cause I liked House of the Devil so much, but "jump scares" are just cheap and manipulative in my book.
In my book, gore is cheap. That doesn't mean that I don't like it - unless it is all that a movie has to offer.

A good jump scare to my is far more than a sudden appearance of something scary accompanied by a loud noise. It is has a lot to do with timing and working the audience up to the point of the jump scare - and there isn't a set in stone formula. Some jump scares work because they are unexpected, some work because they are expected (i.e. the audience is already nervous). And some jump scares simply don't work.

That said, however virtuoso the skill of creating a good jump scare, you may be right that it is cheap. That said, I love slasher movies, and even the most enjoyable of those are not all artistic (big surprise!). It's the rollercoaster ride I'm there for.
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