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Originally Posted by BloodMan View Post
I've yet to be impressed by anything Ti West has done. This started out "feeling" fun but gets super dull and no pay off, nothing. Just fizzles out to "oh... ok"
Yeah those are pretty much my thoughts also. I think Ti West was worried about the torrents sites cause this movie sucked. Slowly but surely the word is spreading about this stinker. Then there is always those people who claim every stupid horror movie fucking rules. Blah I loved House Of The Devil but this, this was frizzle shit.

Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
Huge fan of The House of the Devil and its throwback to the seventies vibe, can't wait to see this.
Lower your expectations or you will be hugely disappointed. Those were my exact thoughts prior to seeing this. I think I was expecting way too much from The Innkeepers.

My Grade C- it's bad bad bad.
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