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Originally Posted by _pi_ View Post
I was very surprised I liked this as much as I did, considering my huge dislike of House of the Devil.

That said, it does share A LOT of the same problems: story threads introduced that ultimately lead nowhere. A lot of buildup to no payoff. An annoying lack of some sort of explanation/backstory to the mystery (not that I need an expository backstory in all my horror, but when you have an 'old haunted house mystery' as the basis of your story, I kind of expect it to actually go somewhere and get fleshed out).
I agree with a lot of the points here, although I didn't hate House of the Devil. That film ended up being more mediocre than anything else for me and although The Innkeepers isn't perfect, I enjoyed it a lot more. That had a lot to do with the characters and their banter. I have no problem with dialog heavy movies, so 2 people talking is more interesting for me than someone hanging out alone in a house for an hour. But as you mentioned above, the backstory payoff did leave a lot to be desired. Although I do have to say that I loved the ambiguity of the final act. All in all I'd say it's worth checking out if you're a West fan or if you thought House of the Devil had a lot of potential, but didn't quite deliver. I'm very interested in seeing what West does next since I think his writing and directing skills are improving with each film.
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