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Just got this in from legendary artist/sculptor Jeremy Bohr. The mask is called "The Burnt Maniac" and many will notice that it's a near replica of Cropsy from The Burning. This piece was painted by the great, Aaron Crowell. There are many legends about Cropsy but The Burning is such a fan favorite and a fun slasher film that I had to own this piece. Enough with the talk.

On with the pics.

Just got in "The Bayou Butcher" aka Victor Crowley from artist/sculptor Jeremy Bohr. Victor Crowley is a legendary "swamp monster" and serial murderer of diminished intellect and possible supernatural origins. He is directly responsible for the deaths of at least twenty-one people,with more having been mentioned. Legend has it that Crowley is "stuck in the night that he died". Jeremy Bohr captured the look perfectly in my eyes. Check it out below.

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