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Creepy Archives Vol. 12

Haven't had a lot of time to dig into this one, but it's worth noting that Richard Corben has a color sequence in here, which is really fun.

Upcoming releases:

Creepy Vol. 13 (July) features contributions from John Severin (RIP).

Creepy will also do a collection to spotlight Richard Corben's work in July:

Over 300-pages of timeless terror from a master storyteller! Horror comics visionary and coloring pioneer Richard Corben has been a voice of creativity and change for over four decades. For the first time ever, Corben's legendary Creepy and Eerie short stories and cover illustrations are being collected into one deluxe hardcover! With an informative foreword by artist and comic-book colorist Jose Villarrubia - who also provides color restoration - this volume features Richard Corben's original stories, Edgar Allan Poe adaptations, and collaborations with comic-book writers Bruce Jones, Bill DuBay, Doug Moench, Gerald Conway, and others!
Sounds goooooood!
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