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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post

no, i can't abide this. naming this film "Chainsaw 3D" is just asking for trouble. how are people supposed to know that it's a sequel to the original film, when it comes chronologically after the sequel (also a prequel) to the remake of the original, and is titled in such a way as to make one naturally assume that it is the third part in the remake series? its a recipe for disaster.
I agree. I think any way you look at it this ends up being confusing for the public. I remember when the news for this first arose every one was confused as to whether this was a sequel to the remake or the original. Even those who brought us this news couldn't give anyone a clear answer for at least a month.

I think most people will either think it's a sequel to the remake or a remake itself. No one is going to see a poster for this and go "oh yea, this must be a sequel to the original film".
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