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All other Code Red related releases that do not have spine numbers:

CRD2112 - A Day At The Beach
CRD2113 - Derby
Bad Girls' Dormitory
The Chilling
The Curious Case Of The Campus Corpse
Girls In Chains
Killer's Delight
Love Me Deadly
Riot on 42nd Street
Teenage Hitchhikers
Terror Circus
Rare Flix Triple Feature, Vol. 3 - Revenge of the Bushido Blade/The Ninja Strikes Back/Lady Street Fighter
Devil Times Five/Mark of the Witch
The Forest/Don't Go in the Woods
Teenage Graffiti/Teenage Mother
Deliver Us from Evil/The Fox Affair
Lonely Wives/Sorry Wrong Bedroom
Wacky Taxi/Superargo
Supervan/Jailbait Babysitter
Where Time Began/Encounters With the Unknown
Between the Covers/Swinging Wives
The Velvet Trap/Hot Nights on the Campus
Cheering Section/King Frat
Challenge the Dragon/The Needle Avenger
The Being/Cop Killers
Stoney/The Killer Likes Candy
Cut-Throats Nine/Joshua
The Godfather Squad/Bruce's Last Battle
Blade/Ring of Death
Teenage Hitchhikers / Teenage Tramp
Scream / Barn of the Naked Dead
Riot on 42nd St. / Bad Girls Dormitory
Voodoo Dolls / Madonna
Love Me Deadly / Curious Case Of The Campus Corpse
Christina Lindberg Vs. Laura Gemser
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