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I watched The Innkeepers BD the other night. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as House of the Devil, I still found it to be a pretty good flick. I found the slow burn suspense of the film to be perfect. I was into the movie from beginning to end. I don’t care what anyone else says, Ti West’s ability to build suspense is spot on, … almost in a Hitchcock meets James Bryan sort of style. Ha! It’s a feat that is accomplished few and far between within films these days.

Anyways, I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting with this film, but I think I was expecting some of the “scares” to pay off a little more. I mean the suspense was built up so well and when we finally catch shots or glimpses of Madeline O’Malley it was like someone let the air out of a balloon. She just wasn’t scary….at all. I found the old guy and the mysterious ex-actress much more compelling and creepy than the ghost itself. I kind of wish they would of omitted the “spirit” completely and focused much more on the ex-actress medium lady. Even the character of Luke became really sketchy towards the end which lent a real strange and mysterious vibe.

I also liked the fact that the actors were actual characters…not just cut and paste attractive people reading off cue cards. There was a believability factor there and that really goes a long way with me. Even the character of Claire, she was rather nerdy, probably a girl I wouldn’t look twice at, but as the movie went on, I actually found myself enjoying her screen time and even becoming somewhat attracted to her. That’s called character building people.

So yeah, good entertaining flick, I can’t see myself revisiting it anytime soon, but it was a neat little time killer.
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