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[QUOTE=Erick H.;696682]Puss In Boots (theatrical) Jan. 1st
The Adventures of TinTin (theatrical) Jan. 1st
War Horse (theatrical) Jan. 8th
The Grey (theatrical) Jan. 28th
Green Lantern (download) Feb. 1st
Tinker,Taylor,Soldier,Spy (theatrical) Feb. 2nd
The Woman in Black (theatrical) Feb. 3rd
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (theatrical) Feb. 3rd
Cry Baby Lane (DVDR) Feb. 4th
Haywire (theatrical)Feb. 4th
Capricorn One (downoad) March 1st
The Artist (theatrical) March 2nd
The Lorax (theatrical) March 3rd
The Innkeepers (download) March 3rd
The Iron Lady (theatrical)
Safe House (theatrical)
Corman's World (download) April 4th
The Hunger Games (theatrical) April 5th
Silent House (theatrical) April 6th
The Secret World of Arietty (theatrical) April 7th
Attack The Block (download) April 7th
Disapearance On 7th Street (download) April 8th
Safe (theatrical)-April 29th
Cabin In The Woods (theatrical)-May 10th
Wrath Of The Titans (theatrical)-May 11th
The Raven (theatrical)-May 12th
The Resident (download)-May 12th
Gamara-The Giant Monster (DVD)-May 12th
The Avengers (2012) (theatrical)-May 13th
Jesse Stone : (TV movie)-May 20th
Battleship (theatrical)-May 22nd
Austin Powers:International Man Of Mystery (Blu Ray)-May 23rd
The Power (DVD-R)-May 23rd
Dark Shadows (theatrical)-May 24th
Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me (Blu Ray)-May 25th
Vampire Circus (Blu Ray)-May 25th
Austin Powers:Goldmember (Blu Ray)-May 26th
City Of The Living Dead (DVD)-May 26th
The Pirates:Band Of Misfits (theatrical)-May 27th
The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel (theatrical)-May 27th
Telefon (DVD)-May 28th
Red Heat (Blu Ray)-May 28th
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (DVD)-June 8th
Snow White And The Huntsman (theatrical)-June 14th
Kafka (download)-June 15th
Demons Of The Mind (DVD)-June 15th
Prometheus (theatrical)-June 16th
Moonrise Kingdom (theatrical)-June 30th
Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter (theatrical)-July 1st
Brave (theatrical)-July 3rd
Tales That Witness Madness (download)-July 5th
Torture Garden (DVD)-July 5th
To Rome With Love (theatrical)-July 6th
The Amazing Spiderman (theatrical)-July 7th
Ted (theatrical)-July 14th
The Dark Knight Rises (theatrical)- July 21st
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (theatrical-Colony Theater,Raleigh ,N.C.)-July 28th
The Strange Vice Of Mrs. Wardh (theatrical-Colony Theater-Raleigh,N.C.)-July 28th
Beasts Of The Southern Wild (theatrical)-July 29th
To Live And Die In L.A. (theatrical)-July 29th
The Bourne Legacy (theatrical)-Aug.12th
Ruby Sparks (theatrical)-Aug. 17th
The Expendables 2 (theatrical)- Aug. 18th
ParaNorman (theatrical)-Aug. 19th
The Possession (theatrical)-Aug. 31st
Dead Snow (Blu Ray)-Sept.2nd
Shaft-(1971)(DVD)-Sept. 2nd
Madigascar 3:Europe's Most Wanted (theatrical)-Sept. 4th
Airwolf:European Theatrical Version (DVD)-Sept. 5th
Looper (theatrical)-Sept. 29th
Resident Evil: (theatrical)-Sept. 30th
Atlas Shrugged 2:The Strike (theatrical)-Oct.13th
Bram Stoker's Dracula(theatrical:Carolina Theater Retrofantasma)-Oct. 26th
Dracula (1979)-(theatrical:Carolina Theater Retrofantasma)-Oct. 26th
Arbitrage-(theatrical,Galaxy Theater,N.C.)-Oct.26th
Taken 2-(theatrical)-Oct.29th
C.H.U.D-(DVD)-Halloween Oct. 31st
Sisters-(DVD)-Halloween Oct. 31st
Children Of The Corn-(Blu Ray) Halloween Oct 31st
Ruby- (1977)-(DVD)Halloween Oct. 31st
Dredd-(theatrical)-Nov. 1st
Robot and Frank-(theatrical) Naro Cinema-Nov. 2nd
Cosmopolis-(theatrical)-Naro Cinema-Nov. 2nd
Sinister-(theatrical)-Nov. 3rd
Frankenweenie-(theatrical)-Nov. 4th
The Broken-(Blu Ray download)-Nov. 4th
See No Evil-(DVD)-Nov. 4th
Skyfall-(theatrical)-Nov. 19th
Cloud Atlas-(theatrical)-Nov. 20th
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower-(theatrical)-Nov. 24th
The House At The End Of The Road-(theatrical)-Nov. 25th
The Man With The Iron Fists-(theatrical)-Nov. 25th
Hitchcock-(theatrical)-Dec. 14th
Silver Lining's Playbook-(theatrical)-Dec. 15th
Les Miserables-(theatrical)-Dec.28th
Lincoln-(theatrical)-Dec. 29th
Django Unchained-(theatrical)-Dec. 30th
Zero Hour ! (DVD)-Dec. 30th
Enchanted (TV)-Dec. 31st

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