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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
Need I remind you this year; Battle Royale, Mother's Day, Halloween 4 and 5 on Blu plus they returned to sub-license with Fox. I still support Anchor Bay and always will and would really do want to see them pick up the independent films MGM owns since they already have Phantasm I and IV (hence where Creature comes in).
Maybe Battle Royale, but Mother's Day is a new film and they've held the rights to Halloween 4 and 5 since the days Bill Lustig was with them. Re-releasing back catolog isn't a sign to me that they're ever planning on returning to greatness. I'd rather see a film like Creature get picked up by someone who would give it it's full attention and right now Anchor Bay has it's priorities elsewhere. They've gotten the taste for real money so hoping that they'll tackle a film this obscure at this point is rather a waste of time.
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