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Originally Posted by tropical marsh View Post
Fuck, I just hope it gets a legit release. I don't want to see Malone putting out his own disc and selling the shit thru some fucked up barnyard website he created specifically to rape horror fans of their hard earned cash. I'm just sayin', I'll feel a whole lot better if somebody like Synapse picks this one up...

I understand what you mean. I fell for this "scam" when Greydon Clark was selling homemade copies of Without Warning a couple of years ago. It was basically a VHS-level copy of the film on a DVD-R. Isn't it the same deal with that Popcorn re-release? Some fanboy(s) putting together an "ultimate" edition or something? I can appreciate the passion that some people have for these movies but in the end what people really want is a legitimate release through legitimate channels. I've never seen CREATURE but I'll be among the first to grab a copy IF it's legit.
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