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Originally Posted by Workshed View Post
I never understand that practice. It must be cheaper to ship back home than sell at a steep discount, I guess. I suppose it's a fine line betw. wanting your booth to look beefed up with books (and look like a big publisher) and wanting to act like a retailer.
Yeah, I think that's it. They're not really there as retailers, in fact they'd probably prefer to not sell anything at all (though I'd still think they'd rather sell the stuff at a discount rather than pack it back up). They're there as more of a promotional thing, and have stock on hand so people can look at it all. Even if they buy it elswehere.

But the indie dealers? They want to move as much stuff as possible and not have to haul it back home after a long-ass weekend. Man, Sunday afternoon you can clean up on older stuff.

So I'll see what Creepy and Eerie I can grab. With more of those Archives getting released, there's more to be had, and that's a good thing.
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