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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
Yeah, I think that's it. They're not really there as retailers, in fact they'd probably prefer to not sell anything at all (though I'd still think they'd rather sell the stuff at a discount rather than pack it back up).
If it is like game conventions, publishers and distributors are usually contractually obligated not to undercut the prices of retailers - which is generally a bad business practice anyway, when you're basically undercutting the people you are more or less relying on to put your product on the shelf. This is generally the reason why you rarely get bargains at any publisher booth - and why you instead often get publisher exclusives.

Having said that, any publisher should *unofficially* be willing to cut a deal on the last day of the convention. Especially if you have become the only source of the product on the dealer room floor. The cost of shipping the items back is a *significant* factor, better to eat a little bit on the sales profit than lose more in shipping. As long as in doing so you're not pissing off the retailers you need to keep you in business.
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