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Giorgio Ferroni's NIGHT OF THE DEVILS (1972) from Raro

One of the most unfairly obscure Eurohorror titles out there, Giorgio Ferroni's NIGHT OF THE DEVILS (1972) finally sees its US debut, courtesy of Raro. A brutal and atmospheric take on the Wurdulak story (used previously as the basis for the best segment from Mario Bava's BLACK SABBATH), the film presents Gianni Garko as a lost traveler who finds shelter at a remote house in the middle of the woods. However, the family who lives there are a paranoid, superstitious lot, but we soon find their fears to be well-placed -- before the film is over he's dealing with witches, vampires and killer children! Hard to see for far too long, perhaps now DEVILS will finally get the reputation it deserves.

Preorder available:

No trailer readily online (I've never even actually seen one?), but here's a (kinda spoilerish) clip:

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