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The biggest problem with part 3 and 4 is the damn CGI gore.
Sure, part 4 had more practical to begin with, but then turned to CGI again.
I donīt understand why the hell ANYONE would use CGI gore in a movie, but the last few year, this has gotten worse and worse.
In part 3 the CGI FX didnīt even look like they had time to finish them.
Another problem with part 4 was that it took forever before the actual massacre began, and when your having a cast of worthless actors and characters trying to carry the movie, it quickly felt like a torture test sitting through the first 45-50 minutes.

Sure the acting in the classic slashers back in the 80:s wasnīt Oscars worthy, but these days itīs REALLY down to amateur/porn level.

I just hate that an fantastic and underrated slasher like "Wrong Turn" is getting buried beneath these crappy DTV sequels.

Oh well...
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