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Didn't get any Creepys or Eeries at the con. I know if I had looked deeper, I might have found some people selling older individual issues, but I only found a couple, with just a handful of issues no less that $10 each. I'm better off on E-bay. Also only found one booth with any Archive reprints from Dark Horse. They had a few copies of Eerie Archives #4, which I've heard is a low water mark in Eerie's history. The price wasn't bad, $25, but it's kinda hard to lug around heavy books all day so I chose not to.

I did get a few newer horror-themed comics though.
Crawl to Me TPB (signed by the artist)
Hack/Slash Omnibus
Godkiller TPB#1
The Stand - American Nightmare (hardcover)
CINEMA PAFF - Your BB-Movie Showcase *

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