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Originally Posted by Ptflea2 View Post
Being picky here, but that cover is terrible. The BCI cover was way better.
Originally Posted by bigdaddyhorse View Post
See, that right there is fucking annoying. Mention it's a brand new HD transfer, then only offer a dvd? I'd buy a BD in a second, but doubt that a slightly better dvd is worth it, esp. knowing they have a fucking HD master and could easily release blu-ray at any point. So I'll wait for true HD, not down-converted for me to up-convert again.

What is up with the commentary though? I never bothered to listen to it, but what was/is so controversial? Does sweeten the pot slightly, but I want HD dangit.
Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
All new HD transfer and no blu-ray? Scorpion really needs to start jumping on the blu ray bandwagon. If other studios like Synapse can release obscure titles on blu-ray then so can Scorpion.

Love this movie tho, glad to see its gonna be in print again.

As this was done by Code Redīs Maniac Bill, it would be no surprise for me if he only supplied his brother with the DVD conversion already done. Itīs my belief that the original HD print may be in possession of Maniac Bill and he only passed this edition already done to his brother.

At the end of the day, It doesnīt pay to have a maniac for a brother.

It would be a slap in the face if this release sells good, on the contrary of what Maniac Bill has predicted.

Maybe if Manic Bill changes his banner from "Maria B-Movie" to "Code Redīs Maniac Bill" he might actually sells more titles of upcoming movies...
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