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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
The site has had the same format for roughly a decade now and I don't see anything ultimately wrong with that. But still, glossing over this review and gauging from others from the past year I can't help but feel that he's begun phoning them in. I've caught him on a number of occasions giving rave reviews for DVD and blu ray transfers that deserve no praise at all.

Also, how many times did he use the word "although" in the review for The Boogens? More than I cared to count!
Well this title wasnt reviewed by the sites owner George Reis, whos been reviewing things there for a decade now, this particular reviewer always goes overboard with everybody including the films janitors imdb credits to make me not want to continue reading. If I see his name as the reviewer, I usually just go to the last paragraph and thats the end of it for me.
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